Wickstyle Lyrics

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Wickstyle Lyrics Nardo Wick
Wickstyle Lyrics Nardo Wick

Song:– Wickstyle
Singer:– Nardo Wick
Producer:– Kid Hazel, CuBeatz, EmoBee & Jonas Lee
Written:– Nardo Wick, Kid Hazel, CuBeatz, EmoBee & Jonas Le

Wickstyle Lyrics Nardo Wick

Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang

Middle fingers up, shit, that’s just the mood I’m in
I already showed they ass before, fuck it, show they ass again
Keep sayin’ he gon’ stand on business, why the fuck he ain’t did it then?
Can’t compare me to these niggas, they ain’t in the group I’m in
She keep tryna make me smile, say she like it when I grin
“Nardo, let me in your heart,” not by the hair that’s on my chin
Don’t make promises that I can’t keep, no, I’m not that type of man
But if a nigga play, I promise he’ll never— (Huh-huh), again (Mhm)
Niggas act like hoes, them hoes more gangster than these niggas
Like the way that I put on my clothes, say I be cleaner than her nigga
Hopped out, all they seen was flashes like we was takin’ a bunch of pictures
I know a couple niggas bangin’ B like they Jigga
Just got off the phone with my mama, she say these niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me (Ain’t fuckin with)
I ride ’round with that Llama, no, this bitch not no semi
If I text you, “Vroom-vroom,” let me come ’round and act of HEMI
If I text you, “Vroom-vroom,” let me come ’round and act of HEMI
Your lady say she like me, your lady say she love me
Your lady wanna fuck me (Uh, uh, uh)
I’m with all the fuckery, a nigga better not fuck with me or shit gon’ get real ugly (Uh, uh, uh)
My lil’ nigga’ll do you in like the first two letters in, “Universe”
If it go down right now, before I ask questions, I’ma shoot it first (Grrah-grrah)
You get a Hearse, switch on the glick, now it shoot in cursive
All the other bitches bad, but, baby, you the worst
Told me she ain’t got no night clothes, told her, “Just put on my shirt”
She got that water like a ocean, and I’m bored, let me surf
Tryna beef ’bout a bitch get put thirty toes in dirt
Why the fuck he got his hand out? He ain’t never put in no work (Uh)
Zoomin’ ’round the backstreet doin’ twenty in my circle (SRT)
Take off a nigga face he touch these diamonds on my shirt
My nigga damn near wrecked his whip, he say he dropped his Perc’
She left my house dumb as fuck, she pulled up with a nerd
If I had a million every time I loved a bitch, I’d be broke as fuck
If a nigga play in this part of Broward, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ma shoot the party up
I know I’m famous, if I catch that boy, I’ma fuck lil’ buddy
All that advice, if my niggas come through, it’s, “Duh-duh-duh”
Hashtag gang-shit, hashtag bang-shit, hashtag crank-shit, hashtag flame-shit

Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang-gang

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