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Wild Wild West Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Wild Wild West Lyrics ZaeHD & CEO are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ZaeHD & CEO. This song is from GLOBAL WARNING album. This Song will release on 30 June 2020.

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Wild Wild West Lyrics ZaeHD
Wild Wild West Lyrics ZaeHD

Song:– Wild Wild West

Singer:– ZaeHD & CEO


Producer:– JiKay & Milan

Written:– JiKay, Milan, CEO & ZaeHD

Label:– RCA Records & Sony Music Entertainment

Wild Wild West Lyrics ZaeHD & CEO

[Intro: CEO]
(What’s good, JiKay?)
She, uh
(Ayy, Milan, that’s another one, on God)

[Verse 1: CEO]
Uh, she got it knockin’, like a [?]
She gon’ blow my flute
Lookin’ at my while I’m lookin’ at you
Can’t be my girlfriend, but you can be my boo
In the wild, wild west with a snake in my boots
In the wild, wild west wearin’ chains like roots
Not going in the part unless it’s ruke
Sellin’ bows for the low while I’m rappin’ in the boot
Put on Amiri, not rockin’ no Tru’s
Said CEO, come shake the room
I’m high off life, not takin’ no shrooms
I’ma sign my name on the top of the moon
Bad bitches only inside my room
Goin’ up in the club, but I’m not 21
You can get shanked with this knife, 21
She gon’ eat me up, eat me up like gum
I’ma call her hot dog ’cause my meat in her bun
My shoes exclusive
I be smokin’ gas pack, got pollution
I don’t worry ’bout calories or gluten
Companies talkin’ drip, I’m suin’
Hit ’em where it hurt
If she be good, double CC her purse
3 AM in her bed, she lurk
Always sayin’ that she know her worth
But I put in work

[Verse 2: ZaeHD]
Do your chain hang low?
Do it wobble to the floor?
CEO, he got the lights
Louie V all on my toes
She gon’ throw that ass around and she gon’ throw it back some mo’
Nigga, fuck (Fuck ’em) po (Fuck ’em) po (Fuck ’em)
Fuck that bitch, let’s go
Skin naturally glow, uh
And I got two bitches
Three of us, it’s a trio
She is thick, but she slim
Hit on beat, like I’m Grim
Put that shit on film
Hit that pussy, [?]
I’ma jump up in the rim
Slam dunk bitches, like I’m Tim
I’m not them, bitch, I am him
Pants too long, I need a [?]
I’m in L.A. with the vibes
Ho’s in the studio, you know we live
She is a groupie ho’, she is not mine
If you’re not fuckin’, you’re wastin’ my time
You is a stupid ho’, get out of line
Beep, beep
Backin’ up in my Tonka truck
Need the green, green
I need the money, like the fuckin’ Hulk

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